Today is an important day for us, because we are launching the webpage that will act as a platform for people to get to know The Secret of the Happy Man. Yuri Chuguyev, author of the book “The Happy Man’s Shirt” is an authentic Renaissance man, musician, entrepreneur, composer, filmmaker, internationally awarded for his scores and documentaries, Academician of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts in Paris and Vice President of the International Project “100 Cities for Peace”, which combines the knowledge of his origins on the steppes of Russia with that acquired from living in sunny southern Spain for the last twenty years. With this background, Yuri Chuguyev appears to be the ideal man to talk about physical, emotional and financial health, the three main points that this book talks about.

In my village we have a profound saying, which literally says: “Better to be rich and in good health than poor and sick.” In reality, this is such an absolute truth that there’s no discussion about it.

Of course, it makes it easy to pay your medical bills, access the most expensive treatments, etc. Really, money can facilitate a lot of things, but without health often people don’t have the opportunity, time or, on occasion even the motivation to enjoy it. Naturally if you haven’t even got a place to rest your head, you’re not making it to the end of the month, you are living in a state of permanent stress. Economic problems are the primary cause of things from depression to divorce around the world. In the case of losing a job or having a family that you can’t support, your health is the first casualty.

On the other hand, a lack of means is a difficult problem to solve if your health falters. The relationship between health and money we see here is the typical case of “dog chasing its tail.” This text deals with health more than anything else, but good health is impossible to achieve if you are not happy with yourself and the people around you. Being in good physical and mental condition (one is practically impossible without the other), with the right behaviour and positive thinking, each and every one of us are standing on the brink of success.

Definitively this book deals with how to improve your life, and through this website we invite you to discover how!