The Happy Man’s Shirt is a book by Yuri Chuguyev that we should all have on our bedside table because, in a simple and easy way, it tries to explain the methods for achieving pure happiness, a goal that everybody wants.

The first half of the book contains a beautiful metaphor by Leo Tolstoy. Using this, the author refers to a concept of well-being for which we have to take care of three elements: food, physical activity and emotional health, and gives useful tips for practicing each of them.

As a professional in the field of psychology, I liked the chapter on emotional health which is full of scientific truths but expressed in a practical language that can be understood by everyone. The current trend in Psychology, called positive psychology, is based precisely on the facts that are set forth by the author, to educate and try to find positive aspects in each one of us. Unfortunately, daily life and our culture lead us to highlight particular problems. And of great importance is the subject of our thoughts, feelings that limit us and therefore our behaviour as cognitive-behavioural psychology. If we want to change our negative feelings and our inappropriate behaviour, the first thing we have to do is to change our negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts, as the author points out in his book.

At the end of each chapter, Yuri Chugúnev proposes some exercises to improve these three pillars that build up our Health. This book is a self-help manual that gives us the keys to be healthier and happier.

The author also tells what prompted him to write this book, after having gone through an experience of illness that affected him not only physically, but emotionally. This led him to ponder the concept of health and welfare. This book is a way to share his experiences and meditation with us. Yuri Chugúnev is also a renowned musician whose artistic profession can help you to find the positive side of life.

Doctor of Psychology
Master in Clinical Psychology, Forensic
Master in Clinical Practice
Specialist in Clinical Hypnosis
Forensic Psychologist of the Courts of Madrid
Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid
Psychotherapist in private office

Books published:
“Who loves you well you will not mourn” (Guide to overcome domestic violence). Sphere of Books. Madrid, 2008.
“The traditions that do not love women.” Editorial Foca. Madrid, 2011.