Most people have a low self-esteem. They are not happy with their appearance; they undervalue their progress at work, their abilities, life in general. Low self-esteem is developed from childhood.

Like I said before, the whole educational system is based on criticism, and from a young age we are criticized for every defect, real or imaginary. In time all of these criticisms stick in our subconscious and haunt us our whole life.

Many people let themselves get crushed by their own cross; they limit themselves, just because of their low self-esteem. They do not use the potential they have; they are not fulfilled as people. In the long term, these produce in people various illnesses and other problems.

Often people will value you for a lot less than you deserve. Circumstances do not allow you to get what you could otherwise achieve. Do not give up, do not underestimate yourself because of this.

Dimitri Mendeleev, who became one of the most famous chemists ever, failed chemistry at school. He is primarily known for his periodic table of elements which classifies, organizes, and distributes the various chemical elements by their properties and characteristics. Nowadays it is one of the basics of chemistry. Albert Einstein was kicked out of school and a short time later won the Nobel Prize. He became one of the most important scientists ever. In a different field, Robert de Niro’s acting teacher told him that he should pursue other options, and now he collects academy awards. All of this shows that the value others attach to us is not always real; most of the time we can change this valuation.

In reality, other people’s opinions about a person are a reflection of his or her own self worth; it’s a reflection of what that person thinks of himself. If you don’t like something about yourself, change it. If you don’t like the situation you are in, change it. If you want other people to change their attitude toward you, change yours toward them.

A lot of people are very self-critical, some people even hate themselves. They forget that they are an integral part of the Universe, they are an integral part of God. When they criticize themselves, they are criticizing God, when they hate themselves they are hating the whole Universe. Of course, they are what they are. You have to accept yourself just as you are, you have to love yourself. Learn to respect yourself, learn to be at peace with yourself, and you will get spectacular results.

This is an excerpt from “The Happy Man’s Shirt” by Yuri Chuguyev