Just like at the beginning of this manual I told a tale, now I am going to use a historical anecdote. When he was about to die, Alexander the Great called together his generals and told them his last three wishes:

  1. That his coffin be carried on the shoulders of his best doctors.
  2. That the treasures that he had collected (silver, gold, precious stones) be scattered along the road to his tomb, and…
  3. That his hands be outside the coffin so that everyone could see them.

These requests were questioned, and Alexander responded:

  1. I want my best doctors to carry my coffin to show that, in the face of death they do not really have the power to cure.
  2. I want the ground to be covered with my treasures so that everyone can see that material wealth acquired here will stay here.
  3. I want my hands to remain outside the coffin so that everyone can see that we come into this world empty-handed and we leave empty-handed when time, our most valuable treasure, runs out on us.

Both stories tell us the same thing, but you have to understand them correctly. They are not saying that to be happy you have to be poor. One of the most wealthy bankers of all time, Baron Rothschild, is attributed to the saying that money does not bring happiness, but it helps. You have to be very clear that material goods is not an end in itself, it cannot be the main goal of our lives. But it is a means that facilitates things and can make things easier.

I know some people who have a lot of money and are trying to earn more, even saving on themselves. The do not allow themselves even the basic and simple things; they try not to eat out, not go out, not buy “expensive” things, always spend the minimum necessary. Having this enormous amount of money they are poor and any employee of theirs, with significantly less money, is richer than they are. The question of money is delicate, and deserves a separate book by itself. But in summary, I will try to give you a few basic rules.

It is not good to obsess about money. In doing any business, any job, money must not be the ultimate goal or priority. The economic element is a very important motive for the completion of the job, but if you do not like what you are doing, you will not get any satisfaction out of it.

In the first place it is bad for the job itself, because if you do not like what you do, you will not do it well and someone who really likes that kind of job will do it better.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with what you are doing, it cannot be good for you at all: stress, depression and other illnesses are often a direct result of workplace anxiety. And the money you get in return does not usually compensate for the health and emotional problems that go along with doing something you detest or even just do not like.

If you are not happy with the occupation you have chosen, if you are doing it just for the money and you do not like what you are doing, it is time to change occupations and look for something more in line with your personality, your desires. And aside from providing you with a means for living, it can give you personal satisfaction.

Do what you like and you will have the money you need. You have to enjoy what you do in order to generate your own personal wealth. Find a job that gives you satisfaction, and the more satisfied you are the greater capacity for earning money you will have.

To earn money you have to do something useful and profitable for others. The more useful the job you do, the more satisfied you can be, and the more money you can earn.

You have to know how to spend. Money likes to be in movement, and for that you have to earn it, but you do not have to be stingy. But never spend more than you have. Spending less than you get is a basic fundamental of financial health.

Whenever possible, avoid borrowing money. When we borrow money, the last thing we are thinking about is how we are going to pay it back. Psychologists have even given a name to this type of behavior – “conscience displacement”. You have to be very sure that if you ask for a loan, you have to return the money and you have to know how you are going to do so. And worst of all, a loan is using someone else’s money for a limited time, but when you give it back, you are returning your own money forever.