At last we are getting to the most important section of this book: the one that deals with the emotional self, feelings and mental behavior of people. It might seem pretty strange, but normally neither doctors nor even Western methods pay enough attention to our emotional state or our thoughts. However, this is the most necessary feature to improve your health, your appearance, your relationships with others, basically your life in general. In fact, a large part of the traditional Oriental, Tibetan, Japanese or Hindu therapies have their foundation in working with the mind, with thought energy and the emotional state of the patient.

Most illnesses are a direct result of our emotional behavior, our thoughts, in other words, our personality. If you have problems with your health, and not just with your health but, for example, at work, with money, when things are not going your way or you are having sentimental problems, the first thing you have to do is to change your attitude towards others, toward the world in general and most importantly toward yourself.

Each of us has an incredible potential and we can achieve whatever we propose, can have everything we want, earn a lot of money, be successful and be in perfect health. It can all usually be achieved with the right attitude, with an optimistic point of view, having positive reactions to everything that is going on, with ourselves and our surroundings.

The biggest problem is that from childhood we are taught to focus on the negative. Our elders always told us that everything we did was wrong, what we didn’t do well, what we couldn’t do. The entire educational system is based on criticism, correction and punishment. And I am not talking about physical punishment, but criticism and negative comparisons. That’s why this negative attitude towards oneself, this low self worth is taken on by us deeply physically, psychologically and emotionally. We also see the rest of the world with critical eyes. We are not content either with ourselves or with the world around us.

I guess that most of the topics that we are going to talk about in this section are easier to assimilate for people who believe in religion. It is not important which religion you belong to. If you are not a believer, you are completely within your right, but you have to assume that you, as well as everyone else, form a part of this world in which we are united, and we depend both on our own actions and thoughts as well as on those of others. You can call it whatever you want: we all form a part of the same God or same Universe.

Any negative attitude towards others or, even worse towards oneself, directly affects us. If you have problems in general, or specifically health issues, you have to change your attitude towards others as well as towards yourself, you have to change your thoughts and face reality in a positive light.

Reality can never be objective; each of us has on our own reality. The same thing can be good or bad, depending on our evaluation, our point of view, our thoughts about it. Each person creates his or her own world, has his or her own truth which often has nothing in common with the worlds or truths of other people and depends completely on the attitude and thoughts of the individual. We create all our own problems. Problems at work, family problems, emotional issues, money problems and most of all health problems. We create all of these problems ourselves, and a large part of them are a result of an incorrect attitude and thoughts. But then we can also change them ourselves. We can change our lives. Finding the problems we have and eliminating them at the root.

If you want to change your world, the behavior of the people around you, if you want to improve your health and your life’s conditions, you have to remember that everything around you is a reflection of your behavior, your attitude, your thoughts, and your personality. That is why, by changing them, by being at peace with yourself and others, you can make great progress in your personal life.

As I said before, everybody, and not just people, but every animal, every living or nonliving thing, even the rocks around us, are all part of the same Universe. And to the Universe, to God, we are all equal. Each of us, everything around us, forms a part of the process of the evolution of the Universe. And it’s very important that you feel like a unique and important part of this Universe, not forgetting that others are equally important.

All religions teach the love for God. And this love has to begin with love for oneself, because we all form a part of God. God is in the spirit of all of us. If you are berating yourself, you are berating God. In order to have good health, in order for things to turn out the way you want them to, to be successful, it is very important that you are at peace with the world, with other people and especially with yourself.

This is an excerpt from “The Happy Man’s Shirt” by Yuri Chuguyev