On TV there’s a lot of publicity for all kinds of electric stimulators that can build and mold your muscles. They might seem strange but THEY WORK. For many people this could be, at the least, a part of the solution to their lack of movement. There are those who do not believe in the effects of these apparatus and even those who say that they are bad for you. But look at this, when you get home exhausted after a long day of work, and the only thing you are good for is sitting in front of the TV, one of these “devices” can help you burn fat and calories, working your muscles at the same time, especially those that are hard to work.

For those people who, for example, have lumbar problems, trauma or cannot move easily; for those who have never done sport and precisely for this reason do not want or cannot do it, either because they get tired too quickly or their muscles hurt, up to and including cases where you have never developed these muscles; or, for lazy people like me, these devices can become very useful.

There are a lot of exercises to work out different muscles and parts of the body that you will find in the instruction manuals of these devices. The only exercise that I would like to mention, which I have not seen in any instruction manual and which personally helped me a lot, is the exercise for lumbar pain: you have to put the patches in the lumbar zone on either side of the spinal column.

As a general rule these machines have different programs that can be used for different applications, from massage to specific types of muscular contraction. Aside from fast pain relief, they help to create muscles, strengthening the area that supports this part of the spinal column. Additionally it brings oxygen to the area, helping to regulate PH, whose level is normally the cause of the pain, except in cases where it was traumatic, of course.

This is an excerpt from “The Happy Man’s Shirt” by Yuri Chuguyev