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lama Yuri Chuguyev is a quiet person in his daily life and at the same time, with many concerns despite his youth. He has developed various activities in various areas: entrepreneur, musician, healer, therapist … much of it devoted to helping  →

Emelina Fernández Soriano

President of the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia

meli “The happy man’s shirt” is an easy book to read, with practical advice on how to achieve the appropriate levels of health – emotional, financial and physical – without too great an effort. The research that Yuri Chuguyev does into  →

Paul Cheruthottupuram

Holy See Press Office Vatican
Accredited Correspondent of UCA News Bangkok
paul My dear Yuri, Greetings.
 Thank you for the book.
I have gone through it in one sitting with great pleasure.
Your thoughts are words of practical wisdom.
It really makes a lot of sense.
Simple secrets to healthy living, but they are indeed words of  →

Lentxu Rubial

President at Foundation Ramon Rubial
Senator of Spain (2004-2011)
lentxu-rubial Happiness is important in the life of a person, and reading The Happy Man’s Shirt has certainly helped us to achieve it. Congratulations, Yuri, for the wonderful reading material. It is not only pleasant and interesting, but serves as a  →

Hideyoshi Masuhiro

Manager at MOA Foundation

hideyoshi-masuhiro Human beings, as a rule, should be healthy. But when something disrupts the harmony of body and mind, the result is what we call a disease. Humans have a wonderful ability to recuperate their health by utilizing natural healing powers.  →

Teresa Gómez-Limón Amador

Doctor of Psychology
Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid
teresa-gomez-limon The Happy Man’s Shirt is a book by Yuri Chuguyev that we should all have on our bedside table because, in a simple and easy way, it tries to explain the methods for achieving pure happiness, a goal that everybody  →

Marat Kalandarov

President of the International Association of Writers and Publishers

marat-kalandarov I can strongly recommended reading this book for its simple and concise style of exploring all areas related to achieving full health, and consequently achieving the individual happiness that comes with it. It’s fascinating to discover the path to this  →

Sergei Markov

Municipal Counsellor in Moscow
General Manager Prince Michael of Kent Charitable Foundation
sergei This book is a treasure. The author shows us how easy it is to improve our lives. It is a happy man and his advice is fun and enjoyable to follow. The proof is in his own life and work.  →

Pablo Marcet

International Director of 100 Cities for Peace

pablo-marcet A copy of this book came into my possession half a year ago and ever since, I can say without a doubt, that it has become a reference for me personally in teaching how to build relationships within a soft  →

Denis Sedov

Opera Singer

sedov Light and witty writing. A good read for anybody. Plenty of simple advice that will make you feel better right away as well as in the long run. Being on the road as a performer, this book reminds me of  →

Dr. Duarte Vasquez

Urology surgeon

juan-jesus-duarte This manual is not only a list of healthy foods, physical exercises and methods to control emotions … It is something more: a declaration of love that Yuri Chugúyev makes in pursuit of happiness. I recommend reading this book, as  →

Dr. Fernandez Vargas

Honorary Member of MEDESMA

juan-fernandez “The Happy Man’s Shirt” by Yuri Chuguyev is a manual that teaches you a simple and pleasant way to achieving happiness in your life by helping you find balance and wellness by means of physical and mental health.      →

Antonio Mayoralas

President of Foundation Lumière

antonio-mayoralas Dear Sir Yuri Chuguyev: After reading your book “The Happy Man’s Shirt” is a pleasure for me to say that it is a great work indeed, practical and useful at the same time. The simplicity and usefulness of your advice  →

Carlos Sisí

International Writer

carlos-sisi As a writer of fiction, especially horror, I’m not much into reading self-help books. The Happy Man’s Shirt, however, was a pleasant surprised. I remember finishing reading it and looking forward to actual life with new perspectives. Like almost everyone,  →